Covid-19 Response

In the face of the escalating health situation and the recent government advice to avoid pubs, the Board met on 17 March to make an urgent decision on how long to keep the pub open.

Realistically, a temporary closure order by the government is probably fairly imminent anyway. But having listened to some very real staff concerns and considered the need to safeguard both them and our customers (in line with the statutory public safety objective contained within our premises licence) we decided that the only viable course of action was to close, until further notice, with effect from the end of service on 17 March.

We hope that you fully understand our decision and the rationale for it.

The Board will continue to meet (virtually) throughout the current crisis to keep on top of the situation as it develops. Crucially, we will be looking, as a matter of priority, into the package of grants, loans etc. promised by the government to help sustain small businesses like ours until such time as it is safe for us to re-open. We will also be considering other potential financial remedies, of course.

The reconvened AGM will go ahead on 30th March, but as an online meeting only. Further details will follow soon.

In the meantime, do look after yourselves.


The Board of the Golden Ball Co-operative Ltd.